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     This rail inspection system was installed at a manufacturer of new trial rails. The customer manufactured a large variety of rail sizes to both US and European standards. Using ultrasonic wheel technology, all critical areas of the weld are inspected. Depending on the area to be inspected, the wheels may contain shear wave, longitudinal wave, or phased array transducers. Each wheel is individually pivoted so that it can be raised or lowered near the ends of the rail, insuring that all wheels travel the full length of the weld. Each wheel is on a rotating pivot rather than a translational slide so that should a rail accidentally enter the system while the wheels are down, they will pivot up out of the way rather than be bent or snapped off.

     A set of guide rollers insures that each wheel is positioned an predetermined distance from the rail when engaged. This insures that the ultrasonic signal always enters the rail at the same point for an accurate and correct inspection. Also, if the rail drifts slightly due to curvature of manufacturing tolerances, the wheels will track the surface .

     Each wheel can be adjusted for height, lateral displacement, and angle and once set, can be locked firmly in place.

Rail Inspection System,  Rendered  Rail Inspection System,  Overall Photo

Rail Inspection System, Engaged   Rail Inspection System, Closeup, extended




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