Innovative Test Systems, Inc.

Plate Scanner

The Innovative Test Systems Plate Scanner uses the same proven cantilevered and gimballed arms used in many of its other products. These bubbler system arms provide excellent conformity to the plate and the bubbler system provides the best method of ultrasonic coupling, insuring maximum signal strength and minimum sensitivity to surface imperfections.

The arms are mounted to a common shaft that retracts all arms simultaneously via a common hydraulic cylinder. However, when engaged with the plate, each arm is free to move independently of the others, allowing for conformity to all variations in plate flatness. A counterbalance acts as a failsafe system to retract the arms away from the plate in the event of a loss of hydraulic power or control signal. The cantilever arms also are pushed out of the way harmlessly if they are accidentally left in the up position when a plate engages them, preventing damage to the system.

The spacing of the arms, as well as the number of arms can be easily adjusted. New arms can be added as required within minutes. Arms that are not needed for different plate widths can be either removed or "disabled" so that they remain disengaged from the plate during the scan. This quick change feature of the arms also makes maintenance easy in that arms can be replaced quickly for offline servicing.

At the edges of the plate are special arms that carry a "paintbrush" transducer. This transducer provides a high density scan of the critical plate edge.

The transducers are mounted below the plate. This allows the transducer couplant to be always present for quick ultrasonic coupling to the plate. This constant flow (approx 0.1 GPM per transducer) also prevents all but the heaviest scale from settling onto the transducer face. An occasional spray with a hose cleans the system as required. All components are corrosion resistant stainless steel or alodined and anodized aluminum.